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Devil May Cry (New Romantic Dante not My Chemical Romance Dante) remastered on PC

He may, but will he?

Three of Capcom's Devil May Cries are getting a treatment from Nurse Definition, in fact - 2001's first game, 2003's somewhat disliked Devil May Cry 2, and 2006's special edition of Devil May Cry 3. I.e., the first of four hacky-slashy games to star the original, silver-haired, which way to to the Final Fantasy VII cosplay contest Dante, as opposed to the shorter- and darker-haired finger-flipping version from Hellblade studio Team Ninja's 2013 DmC. They're getting high-def and sixty frames treatment in a $30 triple-pack next May.

Other than a statement of intent, there's not too much to go in terms of exactly what's been rejiggered for Devil May Cry HD Collection, but one thing to bear in mind is that all three games have already enjoyed HD editions for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. My guess would be a leap to 1080p and a few extra post-processing bits and bobs, but more importantly it marks DMC 1 and 2's first-ever appearance on PC. (DMC 3's 2006 Special Edition did it make it this way, published by Ubisoft rather than Capcom).

As for why DMC 4 isn't in the pack, that already enjoyed a relatively up-to-date but slightly wonky special edition on PC in 2015 (making up for its very wonky original 2008 port).

The original 3 (arguably excusing number two) returning in fancier clothes is doubtless excellent news for long-time fans of the combo-heavy supernatural action series that began life as as Resident Evil follow-up, and doubly so for those who rejected Dante's punkier reinvention in 2013's DmC. The lingering question for me is just how well PlayStation 2-era controls and systems are really going to hold up in 2017 - we'll find out in May.

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