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Devil May Cry 5 features demon hunters old and new in a new trailer

Active Gothic intensifies

The gang's all here, minus Dante's trouble-making brother Vergil. Capcom had a fresh trailer for their upcoming demon-blatting hack n' slasher Devil May Cry 5 for the Tokyo Game Show, and this one's a bit more heavy on the in-game action. While DMC4's returning hero Nero is set to play the lead role again, original devil hunter Dante is back with his sidekicks in tow. Check out their new moves in the trailer below, plus a teasing first peek at the new, third playable character - the mysterious V.

While I reckon they might have gone a bit far with the colour grading and I'm not sold on V's glam-goth design yet, that's the end of my nitpicks. Beyond that, this is exactly the Devil May Cry I wanted, full of goofy dialogue, ugly monsters and mid-combat showboating for fun and profit. Mostly fun. Capcom have also updated the store pages for the game with mention of online co-op for two or three players. I'm curious to see what V's fighting style is, but more excited to see what kind of hell three players can raise at once, and the scale of the demon swarms involved.

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While I'm normally too cheap to get special editions, the perks attached to DMC5's more expensive incarnation are intriguing. On top of four silly alternate arms for Nero (including Mega Man's buster cannon and one designed to slay pasta instead of demons), it comes with a pack of battle themes from earlier in the series. It's not just a soundtrack - you can pick which characters use which themes in combat, which is rather clever. Another premium perk is "live-action cutscenes", which I'm hoping looks like DMC4's motion capture footage - this is a very silly series indeed.

If all goes smoothly, Devil May Cry 5 is due to launch on March 8th, 2019, and will cost £45/€60/60, or about £10 more for the Deluxe edition. You can find it here on Steam.

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