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Devilish dating sim Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is out now

Dare to date the demons

Ah yes, one of the many valid spinoff arcs for animated stories: the one where the gang goes to camp. Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp is the new sequel to teenage monster dating sim Mosnter Prom. This time the gaggle of monster teens is headed on a camping trip to the woods where—wait no I don't think anybody dies. Not anyone that isn't already undead, anyhow. The multiplayer dating sim is out now with double the demons to date.

No really, there are now two characters who are demons. Just watch the trailer. One red and one blue—hot and hotter. This time around, you'll choose to woo one of the two demons, a witch, an evil robot, the grim reaper, or a cursed monsters slayer. You know, classic teen crush stuff. As with the original, your personality stats and choices where to hang out will affect who you can win over, though the failures and secret endings are often as amusing as the successes.

Like its predecessor, Monster Prom 2 has a multiplayer mode where you and your pals compete to win the affection of your preferred monster. "By making the goal competitive in multiplayer, it challenges the dating sim genre in a wholly unique way, and its combinations of events and endings make every playthrough feel like it’s your first time," RPS's Monster Prom review says of the original.

I've not gotten to try out the multiplayer bit of either the original or the sequel, but I did get the chance to take Monster Prom 2 for a spin solo about a year ago. In my experience, it does quite a nice job playing to dating sim character tropes while keeping the relationships fresh with silly modern memes. A lengthy gag where three of the monster teens debate the validity of drinking pee to survive getting lost in the woods stuck out in my memory from the demo I played. It sounds corny, and it is, but I did genuinely smile through it.

You can find Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp over on Steam and GOG where it's currently 10% off until October 30th. It's also got a demo on Steam.

By the by, the original Monster Prom is also on sale in the Humble Halloween sale.

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