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Devilish: Torchlight II "Ideally" One Month After Diablo

In much the same, incredibly depressing way we're all destined to become our parents, I tend to believe gaming's spiritual successors slowly but surely inherit oddly specific qualities of their forefathers. For instance, Serious Sam riffed on Duke Nukem, only for Serious Sam: BFE to spend years in uncharacteristic silence with nary a peep as to its development progress. As time passed, I began to worry that Torchlight II would suffer the same fate, ultimately following in Diablo's languid footsteps. But then I felt an odd fluttering sensation in my Anger Regions. Is this... optimism?

Speaking with Joystiq, Runic CEO Max Schaefer explained that he's "ideally" aiming to skitter between the toes of Blizzard's hack 'n' slash behemoth by one month. That, however, is the "optimistic" goal, and Runic's not planning to rush and look "cheap" in comparison to Diablo III.

How is Torchlight looking, though? Pretty solid, based on the Berserker trailer below. Well, aside from that one monster who's pouring his determined little heart into a valiant siege on a three-foot-high wall. Fight on, foolish monster. Fight on. Your battle is an exercise in blind futility, but perhaps - in that sense - you're simply a metaphor. For us.

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