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Minecraft Dungeons has a secret cow level


In homage to one of the all-time action-RPG greats, Minecraft Dungeons has a secret level where you can fight herds of murderous cattle. Mojang's own action-RPG launched this morning, and folks have already discovered a nod to Diablo's infamous cow level, where wizards will be sent to mow down hordes of mooing mobs sprouting mushrooms. Killing cows: a cornerstone of the genre.

Rumours and jokes persisted that the first Diablo had a secret cow level, then Blizzard made one for real with Diablo 2, sending clickheads into a field to fight hordes of bipedal cows with polearms. Blizzard have since revisited it in Diablo 3, dropped a few little gags in other games, and even put a cow level event in World Of Warcraft.

To cull the herd in Minecraft Dungeons, you first need to complete the campaign, then find nine runes hidden in nine levels, then warp through a portal hidden in the camp. I'll point you to our Minecraft Dungeons runes guide for full instructions.

The game's pretty decent, by the way. Even if the "Minecraft" aspect seems underused, Nate says he dug it (eh? eh???) in his Minecraft Dungeons review, declaring the game "a charming, lively little looter-bruter, with all Minecraft's aesthetic elements, but absolutely nothing in common with it beyond that."

It's out now, sold for £16.74/$19.99 or available through an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

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