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Minecraft Dungeons is out now

Click click!

Maybe there's not much Minecraft in Minecraft Dungeons, but there is a pretty decent action-RPG or so I hear. Mojang's click-click-click-click-clicking dungeon crawler launched today, with nary a block to mine or tree to punch but some weird and fun builds to experiment with. I'm up for an ARPG where one armour perk gives you a pet bat.

Our Nate called it "a charming, lively little looter-bruter, with all Minecraft's aesthetic elements, but absolutely nothing in common with it beyond that" in his Minecraft Dungeons review. Fun, though.

"But then, at one point, I had a weird build that involved blowing a horn to knock enemies away from me, then rolling around shooting lightning at them while a pet llama distracted them. I mean, it's not one of the classic class archetypes, is it? And that's the real fun of the system. It forces you to improvise with whatever enchantment options become available, working out where they work well with each other, and then cobbling together desperately improvised martial arts that take advantage of whatever synergies you've discovered. The options expand even further, of course, when you're dungeoning in a party with others."

Minecraft Dungeons is out now on the Microsoft Store £16.74/$19.99. It's also available through Xbox Game Pass For PC, the £4/month subscription service. Mojang also have two bits of yet-unrevealed DLC on the way, which will be bundled together with some cosmetic bits in the Hero Pass for £8.39/$9.99.

If you need help getting started, consult our Minecraft Dungeons guide.

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