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Minecraft Dungeons getting cross-platform multiplayer and more DLC this year

Cross-play and cross goats incoming

Minecraft Dungeons didn't get left out of Mojang's Minecraft Live presentation this past weekend. The Diablo-style looting RPG has a few updates of its own landing before the end of this year. It'll be getting another DLC with new enemies and areas and, praise be, multiplayer between folks on different systems.

Minecraft Dungeons' next DLC, the Howling Peaks, is coming in December with new missions, mobs, and gear. It sounds like it'll be leapfrogging Minecraft proper a bit by including those new goat mobs that are coming to the Caves & Cliffs update next year. The Howling Peaks will also introduce wind as a force that can push players and items around functioning as an obstacle or a solution to puzzles. Mind those edges, then. It sounds like both the goats and the wind will try to push you and your pals off the edge of these mountains.

Dungeons is also releasing a free update in November to add cross-platform multiplayer between PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch, which they showed off by having four Mojang members played through the upcoming DLC together on different systems. Not much else to be said about that but hey, cross-play is always a win for me, the person who can't wrangle all their friends onto a single system.

Mojang showed another video teasing some work in progress areas coming in future updates, or likely DLCs, rather. Looks like Dungeons will eventually be heading to The Nether, The End, and under the sea.

The cross-play update is coming in November and the Howling Peaks DLC in December. You can find out just a bit more about both in Mojang's Minecraft Live recap post.

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