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Minecraft Dungeons will enable cross-platform multiplayer next week

Don't dungeon alone

Mojang's hack & slasher Minecraft Dungeons is blowing up barriers between platforms next week. Mojang mentioned during their Minecraft Live presentation last month that they were planning an update expanding co-op across console borders and now we've got a date in hand. You'll be able to dungeon dive with your pals on other systems starting on November 17th.

Mojang showed off some cross-play in action during Minecraft Live while developers explained a bit of that Howling Peak DLC that's slated for next month. Lookit that, controllers and keyboard co-opping in harmony.

In case it's not abundantly clear from the handy, colored backgrounds, Mojang say that players will be able to co-op between PC, Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.

If you're curious about that Howling Peaks DLC, it's planned for December. It'll have goats that can shove you off cliffs (like the ones coming to proper Minecraft next summer), wind that can push you around, and a new tempest golem boss that can conjure up winds as well. You can read up a bit more about the plans for howling peaks in their Minecraft Live recap.

As for the cross-play, that'll always get a vote from me. I didn't quite manage to round up a crew of pals to play Minecraft Dungeons at launch as I'd hoped, so perhaps this will reinvigorate the plan.

You'll be able to play with your console pals next Tuesday, November 17th.

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