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Minecraft: Dungeons ascends the Howling Peaks with next month's season pass

Scared of heights?

Hack 'n' slash 'n' mine 'n' crafter Minecraft: Dungeons is all kitted out for a winter of mountain climbing. The blocky dungeon-diver's next DLC, Howling Peaks, begins its expedition in just over two weeks - and with new baddies and bosses, it's not just vertigo you'll be watching out for. But Mojang have also stuffed a brand new season-pass into their backpack, for the square-headed adventurer who's already looking beyond the ridgeline for DLC quests yet to come.

Howling Peaks was already given a bit of a showcase a few weeks back, with a demonstration of Mince Dungeon's then-upcoming cross-platform multiplayer update. That feature arrived last week, but it'll be a couple more 'til we take to the peaks in earnest.

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Biting cold not enough to put your party off a future in mountain-climbing, Howling Peaks offers a fresh roster of fiends well acclimatised to the thin air. Squall Golems, Mountaineer, pushy goats and a big bad Tempest Golem at the very top, with more to be teased out over the coming weeks on the Minecraft Dungeons Twitter page. They'll be guarding a trove of new weapons and gear, of course, though Mojang also note that there'll be six free new enchantments for folks regardless of whether they pick up the DLC or not.

While Howling Peaks already seems to be stepping on Creeping Winter's frosted toes a bit, Minecraft Dungeons hasn't tapped the well on new voxellated dungeon-crawls. The devs have three more DLC packs planned following Howling Peaks - and if you want to check them all off your list at once, you'll be able to get the lot with a new season pass.

That pass goes live along with Howling Peaks on December 9th, and both will be available to pick up over on the Minecraft Dungeons store.

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