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Minecraft Dungeons braces for a Creeping Winter next month

This blasted heatwave's coming to an end.

For many of us, Winter couldn't seem further away right now. Nevertheless, it's coming unseasonably, soon should Minecraft: Dungeons be believed. Mere weeks after lurching out of the jungle, the Minecraft hack-n-slash is bracing for its Creeping Winter DLC, and it's bringing more than just a touch of frostbite when the cold rolls in on September 8th.

The devs are scant on the deets over on their announcement post, mentioning only "chilling" new mobs, slippery ice biomes and a flurry of new weapons, artefacts, items and armour to dig out of the snow. If you picked up last month's Jungle Awakens, I reckon you should have a fair idea of what to expect. There's no cutesy panda to sucker you in this time 'round, mind.

What we do know is that Creeping Winter will be joined by a free update adding merchants and daily trials to Minecraft: Dungeons. Daily Trials are pretty much what you'd expect - a new run each day, for everyone, featuring "wild changes to the game mechanics" to spice things up. Coming from someone who's pumped 400 hours into Nuclear Throne dailies, I reckon that's more than fine.

Of the merchants, the Blacksmith will let you easily upgrade items, while the Gift Wrapper offers a lovely mail service to send pressies to other players. These merchants will set up shop in your camp after being rescued from out in the world and can be levelled up for "additional stock", meaning higher quality upgrades and, er, better presents?

Creeping Winter is set to gust in on September 8th. While unconfirmed, it'll probably cost the same as Jungle Awakens, going for £5/€6/$6 if you're not a Minecraft: Dungeons - Hero Edition owner. That's plenty of time to go hunting for Pandas before the snows roll in.

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