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Minecraft Dungeons' Luminous Night update adds new biomes to the Tower

And new mobs, pets and capes

Late last year, block-and-slasher Minecraft Dungeons introduced seasonal events in which solo players could fight through escalating floors of a big, shifting tower. Now the second seasonal event is live, Luminous Night, which lets you fight through that same tower at night with new biomes, enemies and rewards.

Cover image for YouTube videoMinecraft Dungeons: Luminous Night Launch Trailer

Among the changes to the tower is the introduction of the Wildfire, a fireball-throwing mob type once offered up as a possible inclusion in Minecraft Earth. It lost the vote to a different mob, though now makes its debut in Minecraft Dungeons instead.

Mojang continue to tweak how progression works in the game. The first seasonal update introduced Adventure points, earned for successful Tower runs and used to spend on emotes and cosmetics for your character. As the full update notes explain, Adventure points are now "rewarded after clearing each floor of the Tower, even if the Tower run is failed". This should make it more likely you'll be able to afford one of the new capes or pets.

Although Luminous Night is now live, it's still possible to switch the active season back to Season 1 so all your points go towards its unlocks.

Minecraft Dungeons reviews were broadly positive at release, while also being dismissive of it as a fairly generic, entry-level action RPG. Watching the trailer above, I think: maybe generic and entry-level is exactly what I want. What if instead of an MMO hybrid with a skill tree containing 500 passive buffs, what I really want is cute world design and monsters that pop with a satisfying noise.

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