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World of Warcraft event opens Diabolical cow level

There IS a cow level

While every day is satanday chez Alice, Blizzard are a little more reserved. They've waited until the 20th anniversary of Diablo's launch to unleash a torrent of satans and skellingtons, and even remake the first game inside Diablo III. We mentioned that before, and now it's live. But! Beyond that, Blizzard have also put D3 on sale, sent the Dark Wanderer into Hearthstone, and unleashed hell's herd upon World of Warcraft. Yes, WoW now has a secret Cow Level with special loooot. That's an elongated 'oo' like in 'moooo' (which is the noise a cow makes) but with 'loot'.

As Blizzard explain, you've got until January 9th to find the cow level, an homage to the recurring Diablo secret. To get in, you'll want to complete Legion dungeons, which can spawn a Treasure Goblin who will explode into a shower of treasure - and open a portal to the Cow Level. Pop on through to fight murderous cows, cowpeople, and the Cow King himself. The King gives a special 'Twelve-String Guitar' toy which strums Diablo's lovely Tristram theme. Nice. The King also has a chance to drop the 'Livestock Lochaber Axe', and players can farm Treasure Goblins to get a Town of Town Portal and 28-slot Horadric Satchel.

Here, have a gander at the Wowhead mob mucking about with cows:

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Seems like cheating to use Tauren characters for some enemies, doesn't it? I always liked the oddity of Diablo's cow-lookin' cows standing up on their hind legs.

Anyway! Hearthstone's latest Tavern Brawl is also Diablo-y with a few bovine secrets. Diablo 3 and its expansion are on sale through now and all.

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