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Devs apologise for kicking World War 3 off to a disastrous start

Peace breaks out

It's not all sunshine and roses over in World War 3. That's a Battlefield-like that entered early access last Friday, not a global calamity you're only just learning about on RPS.

World War 3 was supposed to kick off on Friday, but server issues meant that nobody could actually start warring until the following day. A stream of patches has since brought at least some people into the game, but the horrors of war are still closed off to many - including me. I'd wait a bit, budding soldiers.

I've slipped into echoing World War 3's community manager, calling you all soldiers like we're on a deeply unpleasant woodland LARP. It seems that even after three days of patches, the servers remain inaccessible for many players. The devs haven't said what's wrong beyond "connectivey issues", but they have been profusely apologetic on Twitter and through Steam announcements.

"We’ve taken it upon ourselves to crush every bug you reported, to iron out every single wrinkle on the canvas of our game - all that to satisfy you and make our game stand out from the early access crowd as a polished, well-cared for and properly managed title. Unfortunately our ranks are thin. Despite our dedication and resolve some technical issues prevent us from delivering what we want you to experience. That’s why those few additional time of our work are going to be crucial for the project and - most importantly - for you guys.

"That’s why we ask you to hear our rallying cry and stay by our side! We’ll not let you down since World War 3 is being made for both - us and you alike. We need this additional time to make sure we’ll give you your money’s worth and be able to look you in the eye and say 'Enjoy the game' with no hesitation whatsoever."

So at least that's confirmation that they'll hand deliver copies along with some awkward eye contact.

It's nice/surprising to see that the majority of responses to that rallying cry have actually been supportive. There are still a fair few salty would-be combatants, of course, but for the most part the internet seems uncharacteristically willing to give Farm 51 some leeway. This is early access, after all.

I still can't get in, but here's what war's supposed to look like.

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