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Best farming spots in Diablo 2: Resurrected, plus every monster level 85 zone in the game

Find the best spot to hunt down items and experience in Diablo 2's endgame

Looking for the best farming spots in Diablo 2? An ARPG would be nothing without a grind. The grind in Diablo 2 is the foundation of the genre’s last 20 years. The genre-defining classic has seen very few changes for the remastered version, Diablo 2: Resurrected, so veterans of the original will have their strategies in place. If you’re a new player looking to optimize your character after beating the game though, you’ll need to know where to farm your gear.

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First, a quick explanation of how these zones have been selected. Zones in Diablo 2, like in most ARPGs, have an area level. Most monsters in that area will be at the area level, while Champion and Boss monster packs will be one and two levels higher, respectfully. The highest area level in Diablo 2 is 85. Monsters in level 85 areas have a chance to drop any item in the game. So, players looking to farm top-end gear will pick a level 85 area that suits their build, load up on magic-find, and go to town. Our list includes every level 85 area in Diablo 2: Resurrected, plus a couple of other areas you might target before deep endgame.

Here’s every level 85 area in Diablo 2 - the best farming spots in Diablo 2: Resurrected :

  • The Pit (level 1 and 2)
  • Mausoleum
  • Maggot Lair (level 3)
  • Ancient Tunnels
  • Sewers (level 2)
  • Forgotten Temple
  • Ruined Fane
  • Disused Reliquary
  • River of Flame
  • Chaos Sanctuary
  • Worldstone Keep (level 1, 2, and 3)
  • Throne of Destruction
  • The Worldstone Chamber

The butcher in Diablo 2

Now, let’s run through a few of the most popular spots and why you might choose them.

Best endgame farming spots

Chaos Sanctuary

The Chaos Sanctuary is perhaps the most popular farming spot in Diablo 2. It has nice mob density, a good, long layout, and ends with Diablo himself. If you like capping your clears off with a boss kill, Chaos Sanctuary makes for one of the more fun, less repetitive zones. However, Chaos Sanctuary features more lightning and fire immune packs than most areas, so avoid it on fire or lightning builds.

Worldstone Keep

Runs through Worldstone Keep can be very long or very short, depending on your preference. The waypoint is in level 2, and Baal resides in the Throne of Destruction at the end. You can clear from the waypoint to the end of level 2 or 3 and reset, or go all the way through the Throne of Destruction to Baal himself. There are some very dangerous monsters here though; if you’re new to Diablo, you may want to gear up a bit in Chaos Sanctuary before switching to Worldstone Keep.

The Cathedral in Diablo 2

Ancient Tunnels

The Ancient Tunnels provide a bit of a cramped layout, which some players will find frustrating. It’s easy to get lost in the winding passages, but the Ancient Tunnels have an important benefit. There are few or no cold-immune monsters here, making Ancient Tunnels an excellent target for cold builds. Frozen Orb and Blizzard Sorceress are two of the most popular builds in Diablo 2, especially for new players. This will be a prime farming location for many first-timers.

The Pits

While monsters in The Pits can roll any immunity, this is still a great farming spot for many builds. The Pits is level 85, but it’s located in Act 1. So, the monsters are designed for the early game and comparatively less dangerous than what you’ll find in the Chaos Sanctuary or Worldstone Keep. If you’re brand new and looking to gear up, The Pits are a good place to start.

The Tower

The Tower is NOT a level 85 area, so don’t go here for postgame farming. However, the Tower’s boss, the Countess, is one of the best sources of Runes in Normal and Nightmare difficulties. If you’re looking for a specific low-level Runeword to help your build, you can probably farm the Countess for it. The Countess is the most common source of every Rune with a level requirement under 53. If you're looking for some Runewords to target, check out our guide to Runes and Runewords in Diablo 2: Resurrected!

A scene from Diablo 2: Resurrected

That’s it for our rundown on the best farming spots in Diablo 2: Resurrected! While you can get valuable items and experience from any level 85 area, one of these zones will be the best choice for most builds. Speaking of builds, if you haven’t yet got your mind made up on what to play visit our guide to the best classes and builds in Diablo 2: Resurrected for some suggestions! If you're new and looking for the infamous cow level, we've got a guide to creating the portal too.

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