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Diablo 2: Resurrected players still can't access some of their characters

Despite this weekend's patches, launch woes continue

Diablo 2: Resurrected launched last week, letting players dive into a remaster of Blizzard's hellish action-RPG. Alas, "hellish" seems appropriate in more ways than one, because players are still struggling with launch bugs. While the developers issued a number of fixes over the weekend, some players are still experiencing "lockout", meaning they can't play with certain characters because the game thinks they're already in use.

First up, the good news: Saturday's 9.24 patch has fixed a number of crashes and progression issues. The devs have dealt with one crash that was caused by "audio issues", and another that was caused by using a controller on PC.

They've also "fixed saves for offline characters that shared the same names as their online characters", because giving your characters the same names was confusing the game and muddling up offline progression.

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Unfortunately, a few pesky characters are still causing issues. Character lock, or "lockout", has been an ongoing problem since the remaster launched. When trying to get into Diablo 2, some players will get an error message telling them their character is already in a server, so they can't use them.

On Sunday, the devs took Resurrected offline to implement a fix to character lock, but it doesn't seem to have worked. After the maintenance concluded, Blizzard support tweeted: "We're aware that some characters remain stuck in closed games. We are working to return those characters to a playable state as soon as possible."

There's no update on when this problem will be resolved. That Twitter thread is full of players saying they still can't get into the game, and the Blizzard forum thread has thousands of posts from yet more frustrated folks.

A few are reporting characters going missing since the maintenance too, however a number of players have responded to these threads saying their characters have started to come back. It just seems to be a waiting game for now.

While character problems seem to be the worst of it, Blizzard certainly aren't clear of other issues either. The forum's bug report section gets a new post every minute or so, with some of the more common complaints centered around minimap bugs.

Of course, this isn't the worst news to emerge from Blizzard recently. Parent company Activision Blizzard is continuing to see fallout from their ongoing lawsuit about alleged sexual harassment and discrimination at the company. The state agency that sued them have since claimed ActiBliz suppressed evidence and shredded documents pertaining to the case, and the company are being investigated by the US government now too.

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