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Dieselpunk mech RTS Iron Harvest now has campaign co-op

Friends who mech together wreck together

Alt-history mech romp Iron Harvest launched on September 1st and is already shoveling its first update out. You can now stomp through the campaign in co-op with a friend or go head-to-head in a new multiplayer map. The developers are planning further updates throughout September with more maps, a ranked mode, and other additions. Oh, an there's a nifty new trailer where all the characters speak their own languages.

In their first update post for the game, the developers go over all the changes that are now in. Biggest of the bunch is probably that co-op campaign mode. They say you can jump in together by going to the Campaign Overview menu, selecting the mission you'd like to play, and then inviting your pal. "You’ll play the campaign as normal, however each of you can control all available units," they say. "Work together to achieve your goals and blame the other person when you lose!"

The new multiplayer map is a 3 v 3 variant called The Great Wastes. There have been some fixes as well, which you can find listed in that post.

Deep Silver have also put out the neat new trailer above that features a bunch of characters all speaking in their native languages. If you don't happen to be fluent in them all, here's the English language version to try after.

As for what's up next, here's the roadmap for the rest of September. Iron Harvest is planning two more multiplayer maps (one 2 v 2 and one 1 v 1), a glossary, ranked mode, and auto cast for abilities.

You can find Iron Harvest over on GOG and Steam.

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