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Digital Eclipse are making a new Power Rangers game with extreme Sonic Mania energy

You know what time it is

A scene of players fighting on a roof with a chicken signboard in the background in the new Power Rangers game from Digital Eclipse
Image credit: Digital Eclipse

In what is only the third ever piece of videogame-related media to make me weep at my keyboard, Volgar the Viking devs and retro specialists Digital Eclipse have announced a Power Rangers videogame - Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rita's Rewind. It's a 90s-style 2D brawler for up to five players, involves "time twisting", and has mode-7-esque arcade shooter bits together with its own spin on the TV show's climactic mecha transformation sequences.

I haven't been this shaken by an announcement trailer since Sonic Mania. Here it is.

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"Celebrate three decades of Power Rangers in a new experience that blends brawling, blasting, fighting, and driving action," reads a post on the developer's site. "Experience the origins of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers again - for the first time!" Ack, I can feel the years peeling away.

The game tells an original story that "respects and remixes" Power Rangers with a mix of "classic game genres" and "favourite moments from the series". The game's big bad is a robotic reincarnation of legendary screechy witch Rita, who has formed an alliance with her younger self??? The classic power move. Robo-Rita's ability to "rewind, rewrite, and remix the past" is, of course, the narrative basis for the game's splicing of playstyles and scenarios.

It's out late 2024 on Steam. I'm off to phone my younger sister and bellow "It's Morphin' Time!" She's probably asleep right now, but I'm sure she'll get into the swing of it.

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