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Parpy Birthday! Dirt 3 Free In Humble Store Sale


''''''''Wheely'''''''' great horseless carriage 'em up Dirt 3 is free for the next day-and-a-bit on the Humble Store as part of the virtuashop's third birthday celebrations. A great many games are on sale too, as they always are somewhere these days. As the saying goes, "It's always a sale somewhere. And it's probably 5 o'clock there too, dear god please." But if Humble are giving away Dirt 3 in party bags, what are you giving them as a birthday present?

Head on over here to grab a Steam key for the Dirt 3 Complete Edition, which includes all its DLC after Codemasters ripped Games for Windows - Live out its guts. The game's on Windows and Mac.

You've got until 6pm on Saturday to grab that free. The Humble Store usually charge £23 for it.

As for the rest of the sale, yup, it sure has a lot of games discounted. Head on over to the store's front page for their highlights but do be aware there's so very much more.

What do I recommend? Oh, same as in every other big sale: Deadly Premonition for £1.99. I've been playing through again lately and yes, the PC port is a stinking mess but oh me oh my, it is still a wonderful game. A little of my heart lives in Greenvale, a little piece in a tranquil place.

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DiRT 3

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