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Disgaea 4 Complete+ is making its way to PC this year

Coming to Steam and Game Pass

Now, I'm no JRPG connoisseur, but I hear that people quite like the bizarre, energetic world of Disgaea's tactical RPGs. It's probably a good thing, then, that Disgaea 4 Complete+ is heading to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC this autumn. I'm pretty sure the only one we're missing on PC now is poor old Disgaea 3. Perhaps one day it, too, shall escape the shackles of its PlayStation prison.

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To be perfectly honest, I don't know how to describe what happens in this game, so here's a little description of from developer Nippon Ichi Software's announcement post:

"Valvatorez, a former tyrant turned Prinny instructor, must bring down the corrupt powers that rule over Hades and save all Prinnykind... with ruthless compassion! Everything you need to kick off your fiery cam-pain is here, including insane strategic action, a darkly humorous cast of characters, and of course, PLENTY OF SARDINES!!"

Of course.

As the name implies, Disgaea 4 Complete+ comes with all the post-release bits and bobs, as well as the original game. You'll be able to play through all the campaign stuff, with online features coming sometime after launch.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ is coming to Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC this autumn. To put that in a bit of perspective for you, autumn is actually only just over a month away. Time is a lie.

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