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Disgaea 4 is out now on PC

Released from the confines of PlayStation exclusivity

If you like games with very big numbers and characters that talk about sardines a lot, you might be pleased to hear that Disgaea 4 Complete+ is out now on PC. Back in July, Nippon Ichi Software announced they'd bring the 2011 PlayStation exclusive to Steam and Xbox Game Pass this autumn, and last night they just kind of released it out of the blue.

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From what I can gather from the description on the game's website, you play as a vampire named Valvatorez who starts a revolt against the leader of the... Netherworld? Presumably, some bizarre JRPG drama then ensues, then you fight turn-based tactical battles while leading your revolution. Not to mention the fact your monsters can be turned into weapons, you can fight through Item Worlds inside your equipment to level it up more, you can go inside party members too, and there is so much to optimise grind as you level up towards to a whopping 9999 cap.

Disgaea 4 Complete+ includes the game's main campaign as well all the original post-release DLCs and things. The only thing it doesn't have yet is online multiplayer, but the devs do say it's coming, and they'll keep players updated on when it will arrive.

The game is out now on Steam, currently priced at £27/$23/€23 with the 25% launch discount offered until September 17th. It's also available through Xbox Game Pass For PC.

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