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Disgaea 6 Complete heading to Steam this summer

JRPG series' big switch to 3D

Each new Disgaea game is a new opportunity to finally get into the strange, brash and thousand-layers deep JRPG series. I've yet to manage it, but now Disgaea 6 is making its way to PC. Called Disgaea 6 Complete, it bundles last year's Switch and PS4 game together with its character and cosmetic DLC. You can find the announcement trailer below.

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Disgaea 6's most flashy innovation was switching the 2D isometric art for fully 3D battlefields. It looks... worse, honestly? Disgaea's character designs have always made me want to draw the curtains lest anyone see, but the switch to 3D seems to stripped environments of some of their texture and atmosphere.

Otherwise it's a similar story. You are Zed, a boastful zombie with unique powers levelling and building an army across tactical battles in the Netherworld. The Disgaea series comes from a school of anime writing where every character must be as loud and obnoxious as possible at all times, and interact with one another solely through yelling, insults and violence, especially if they're friends.

It's the battles and levelling that are compelling, however. It's the kind of RPG where everything can be levelled up, sometimes by entering into your weapons to have battles inside them. You will spend a lot of time managing things via menus, but that's part of the fun.

Disgaea 6 Complete will launch sometime this summer via Steam, where you'll find some extra screenshots and details. I bet Ed would write a really interesting review of it and I hope he does.

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