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Disgaea Has Arrived On PC, Is A Bit Of A Shambles

JRPG wonk

Disgaea PC [official site], the touched-up PC port of NIS's 2003 RPG, came out last night. Unfortunately, it seems to suffer similar the wonky portness we see from Japanese developers and publishers new to PC releases. While the game runs dandy for some, others - including folks with some monstrously powerful PCs - are reporting awful performance and other problems. NIS say they're looking into it, but you might want to steer clear until things pick up.

Check the Steam player reviews and you'll see complaining about crashes, lost saves, and getting awful performance on mega-powerful PCs. You'll also see plenty of people happy with the game and how it's running.

"We spent a total of ten months on researching and developing this game for PC users, two months of which were spent on rigorous testing," NIS say in a post on Steam. "However, we have been made aware of the fact that some of our customers have been experiencing issues when playing the game."

They're asking players with technical problems to dive into those comments and report all they can.

"We will do our absolute best to fix these issues as quickly as possible, and we will make sure that all your voices are heard by the dev team," NIS say.

One player suggests these tweaks to improve the FPS and screen tearing - turning off Blur, Depth of Field, and SSAO.

I suppose Steam's refund policy means you can buy Disgaea, see if it works, then refund if it's wonky for you or, if not, keep it and hope you don't run into bugs later. I'd probably still wait. But if you're a bold sort, Disgaea PC is £14.99 on Steam.

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