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Dishonored Notices How Murdery You Are

Dishonored news keeps rumbling in, today's in the form of 22 minutes worth of two new videos formerly for secrets at E3, including the information that your death toll during the game will directly affect the story, including the ending. Because murdering is naughty.

You get to see the same level - The Golden Cat - played twice, first stealthily, second like a gun-mad loon. Do you infiltrate with violence, or by possessing fish? It's that age-old question that nags at us all. There's also a bunch of footage in the second video that shows some really impressive fight scenes with the Tall Boys.

The video explains that the experience is pretty unique to you, not just based on how violent you choose to be, but also the selection of powers you pick, and the routes you take through each level. With the three combined, a second play through seems inevitable.

So, well watch the videos, dummy.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Blimey, that heart is disturbing. And how great is it to hear those Thief-like "Hmmm huh hmmm huh hmmmmmmm" guard mumbles? Also, is there anyone in the world who doesn't have a big want on for this?

It's still set for an October release, but the Walker Principle says this can't be true.

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