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A Dishonorer Is You: Proper Dishonored DLC Teased

This shouldn't really get its own post grumble grumble because it's just a tease grumble grumble, but if I only give it a couple of lines there's no harm done. Wait, did I just hear the sound of kitten being killed? WHAT HAVE I DONE?

We've been waiting forever* for proper Dishonored DLC - story stuff, meaty stuff, not just challenge map stuff. As previously announced this appears to star... oh, spoilers, of a sort, if you continue. You have been warned.

...appears to star Daud, the rival assassin hired to frame Corvo and kill the Empress at the start of the main game. There were hints as to this chap being up to additional shenanigans in parallel to Corvo's adventures in Dishonored itself, and of course his having an ostensibly very similar set of abilities to our masked hero makes him ideally suited to be dropped in for new missions, without Arkane having to change too much.

The question is, what can he and can't he do? Will he be revisiting places we've already seen, or blessed with brand new chunks of Dunwall to murder his way through? This officially-tweeted screenshot, bearing with it a promise of more fulsome news tomorrow, very strongly suggests we will indeed get to kill the Empress, and that there may be companion assassins. It's that latter which promises the most change to the formula, if indeed it's something which happens in-game and not merely in scripted sequences. But we shall see. Tomorrow.

* Alright, alright, a few months.

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