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Dishonored's The Knife Of Dunwall Unsheathed

After, ooh, hours of speculation, Bethesda has revealed the details of the next Dishonored expansion pack. The Knife Of Dunwall takes a parallel peek at the Dishonored storyline. And because Alec masked spoilers in the previous post, I'll do the same. If you have Dishonored on your Steam wishlist, go there right now and stare wistfully. Everyone else, I'll be over there. *blinks*

Didn't know I could do that, huh? You are Daud. He's spotted briefly at that the start of the full game, knifing the Empress in front of you and setting off the whole sorry mess of betrayal and brothel infiltration. While Corvo is fighting for his name and the restoration of the crown, Daud suffers a crisis of conscience for his actions. I'd say it's a bit late, but he still searches to atone for his knife-work. The Outsider, the ghostly dude who talked Corvo through his 'sassinations, works away at Daud's psyche, prodding him towards someone or something called 'Delilah'. This is more story than the abstract mission maps that were released. In fact, it's a story that won't be concluded until a final set of DLC: The Brigmore Witches.

Daud and Corvo broadly share a skillset, so you'll still be blinking in behind guards and making comedy rat bombs. Other skills will include summoning in helper assassins from Daud's cadre of supplicants to help out in a fight. Additional gadgets will include Chokedust to daze enemies (and teens, who'll upload videos of the "Chokedust Challenge" to Youtube), and Stun Mines. It seems like a lot of the skills will be remixed, so the experience will hopefully feel fresher.

As Corvo is off blinking into bedrooms, Daud's left to the new ares of the Legal District and the Rothwild Slaughterhouse, and visits a few familiar locations as well. I am a little bit underwhelmed to hear his base of operations will still be the Flooded District, as I found that area to be rather wet. Aha! But seriously, it was annoying and cloying and not as much fun as the rest of the game.

Guess what? It'll be out on April 16th for £7.99.

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