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"Dismemberment has been a high priority" for System Shock remake

Doomguy would like a word

With a March release window already locked in, we won’t need to wait much longer to experience developer Nightdive’s System Shock remake. The 1994 immersive sim is receiving more than just a facelift, though, as Nightdive have released more new clips of the game in action over on their Kickstarter blog. Nightdive’s first blog post of the year gives us fresh looks at the game’s enemy variants, visual updates, and most importantly, its bloody cool dismemberment system.

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In their blog post, Nightdive wrote, “As you know dismemberment has been a high priority for us, and every enemy is receiving a completely custom dismemberment model - there are a lot of enemies and the amount of effort being spent on this is staggering.”

You can see the small clip showcasing the dismemberment system on the Avian Mutant (the little bat-like critters) at the very bottom of the post, where Nightdive show off how each specific limb comes apart through careful aiming, as well as how an entire mutant shatters when subjected to an explosion.

There are several other first looks throughout the post, including the Citadel’s makeover, stronger enemy variants, and some nice-looking effects for the plasma rifle. We even get our first look at a brand new enemy type, a "call-back to an original we initially omitted," Nightdive say.

Short clips are all good fun, but how does it play? Ed enjoyed his time with System Shock last August, saying: “The game had the magnetic pull of the best immersive sims. No matter how frustrated I was at some of its more obvious antiquities, I was totally sold on System Shock’s world.” Although, Ed was “unsure whether it’ll land quite as well for newcomers.”

It’s been a long wait for the futuristic remake due to some a rebooted dev cycle. But fans won’t need to wait much longer to dismember mutants as System Shock arrives in March 2023.

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