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Dissembler unfolds new puzzles


Pleasant puzzler Dissembler has whacked in four dozen new puzzles for your tile-flipping pleasure. Y'know, Dissembler, the game about flipping tiles to make matches and clear puzzles away so you end with a clean slate - the game I enjoyed when it launched in February. The new puzzles include new tiles with new behaviours, creating some big headscratches and some pretty pictures like that ↑ cup of coffee. I'm so tired this morning I instinctively reached towards the screen.

Dissembler is good! Try Dissembler. It's a puzzle game to play with as much as play, with gentle clicks and whirrs as you try flipping tiles and learning how different types work, with unlimited undo to revert mistakes. It's just... pleasant. I have enjoyed spinning and thinking and clacking. It already has an infinite mode and new daily challenge puzzles every day, but (obviously) only a limited number of hand-made puzzles so I welcome these 48 more.

Because I'm a total stupidhead, I'll hand you over to creator Ian MacLarty (yes, the fella who makes those colourful eyebombs) for the explanation:

"The first tile type is a diagonally split tile that allows tiles of different colours to be combined into one matched group. It also allows for more interesting puzzle compositions and I had fun making some pictogram puzzles, for example a puzzle that looks like a cup of coffee, or a fish.

"The second type of tile is a 'linked' tile. If two tiles are linked then moving one causes the other to move as well. This creates some complex cause-and-effect chains resulting in some tricky puzzles."

Right. Yes. Tricky puzzles. I'll crack those real soon, I'm sure.

Dissembler is out now for Windows, Mac, and Linux through Steam and It's on Apple and Android pocket telephones and data decks too.

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