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Divinity: Original Sin 2 launches Definitive Edition as free update, squirrel friend arrives in DLC

Lotsa good stuff in this free update! And this new squirrel friend..

Larian's fantastic fantasy RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 has become even fancier with the launch of its Definitive Edition, a free update adding and refining loads. It brings a new 'Story Mode' difficulty level, performance improvements, UI improvements from the inventory to dialogue windows, a new tutorial level, new bits of dialogue slipped into all sorts of quests and situations, some new fights, and oh so very many tweaks and balance changes. Also, accompanying it is a DLC pack (free for current owners) adding a new companion: a squirrel who wears a larger rodent's skull as a helmet and rides a skeletal cat. Adorably metal.

Consult the 52-page patch notes for full details on everything new in the Definitive Edition, including screenshots of the interface changes. The new screens make more use of a screen's space, which seems very sensible. I don't know why the interface was so ehhh the first time around but now it seems better. The patch notes do wander into spoiler territory when they start detailing which dialogue lines and options slipped into quests and things, but you'll know when to stop reading.

The Definitive Edition update is now live on Steam and GOG. Saves from the non-Definitive version are not compatible, so everyone will need to start fresh. If you want to finish a save or just plain play the original, it will still be available as an option.

As for Sir Lora The Squirrel, if you bought Original Sin 2 before the launch of the Definitive Edition, you get him for free. Otherwise, he's a couple quid on Steam and GOG. Bless 'im.

Larian do note that classic mods are not compatible with the Def Ed. They say they are "working together with modders to make popular mods available and convert them over". They plan to release the editor "in a few days" too.

Oh, and the Def Ed is out on consoles today and all.

I've not finished either Original Sin but parts have lodged in my brain. Playing Vermintide 2 last night, I was surprised and disappointed that zapping my fireball into an enemy's poison clouds didn't cause a delightful chain reaction. Original Sin is so confident and casual with its elemental rules that I assume every fantasy game (a genre I don't spend much time in) should work that way. Sadly not.

Disclosure: our former Adam (RPS in peace) liked Divinity so much that he left us to go work at Larian. You lot take good care of him or so help me god...

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