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Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition Is Out

Almost 1,300 items on the changelist

We knew that Divinity: Original Sin - Enhanced Edition [official site] was coming today, so its arrival is no surprise. We knew what to expect too: split-screen co-op; improved graphics; more voice-over; controller support; a reworked story; revamped loot and economy systems; an overhauled skill system; and so on. I'm still impressed looking at the changelist detailing almost 1,300 changes that are now here for Larian's fantasy RPG - and that's excluding bug fixes and things too minor to mention.

You go on ahead and download the Enhanced Edition now - it's a separate download, but free to all Original Sin owners - and I'll pick over the changelog.

Compiled from changelist items, here's how I expect my Halloween weekend will go:

- Phantom Forest Revamped
- Created picnic and suntanning art assets
- Soul of desperation
- New status Oiled
- Angry chest. Spits gold and bites.
- Any bottle + hammer = broken bottle
- Thousands of combat cries and variations added
- Bleeding and the Leech talent are still a strong combination, but cannot be abused anymore
- Created Blood Altar
- All ghosts may inflict Chilled status on melee attack.
- Feverish corpse. Explodes when damaged.

Sounds about right.

Wherever you bought Original Sin, you should now find the Enhanced Edition too (well, Mac and Linux versions are still to come). Why is the EE not simply released as a patch? You might want to stick with the old version. You might also want to finish your game, as saves will not carry over. I never finished the original version, running out of steam and losing interest in the main plot thread about 40 hours in, but I'm keen to go back now that it's fixed up a lot. If I survive this weekend.

Don't forget Divinity: Original Sin II is coming too, having ploughed through Kickstarter and escaped with $2 million.

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