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Dodgeball Academia's school sports battle RPG is now in session

Dodgebrawl your way to the top of the class

School is back in session at last. Normal school, depending on whereabouts you're from, and also dodgeball school if you happen to like sporty themed RPGs. Dodgeball Academia is a silly sports action game about a world where dodgeball is life and you're taking young hopeful Otto on a mission to be the best there ever was. The dodgebrawling is now in session, so you'd better start studying up if you want to be the champ.

"Engage in action-packed dodgeball matches featuring a unique fighting game style that will put you up against challenging enemies and bosses," say developers Pocket Trap. You can catch that, and its rockin' sporty soundtrack, in the Dodgeball Academia launch trailer.

Cover image for YouTube videoDodgeball Academia | Official Launch Trailer

All those special moves look a bit hectic, but hey, so is dodgeball. Apparently this is not just a world in which dodgeball is life. It's also a world in which summoning laser beams and tornados onto the court is not against regulation. It does look like some swell sporting fun.

Pocket Trap say you'll also manage and level up a party of teammates as you play. There's a story mode with sidequests and school minigames for those who enjoy a good sports story romp. There's also local versus mode.

Of all things, I believe I'm having flashbacks to an ages old iteration of Mario Tennis that I had on my GameBoy Color as a kid. It also featured a sort of RPG element and an academy setting. I'm mostly sure that isn't a fever dream I had once. I do enjoy a fun underdog sports-adjacent RPG, is what I'm saying.

Dodgeball Academia is out now, so you can step onto the court yourself if you're keen. You'll find it over on Steam and the Humble Store where it's 10% discounted to £17.54/$22.49 until August 12.

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