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Don't Nod's new game Harmony: The Fall Of Reverie, Life Is Strange, Vampyr etc are all in their birthday sale

A 'your choices matter' fire sale

Bliss, a character who looks like a teen girl dressed for a skate party, balances a slush cup on her head and addresses the player in Harmony: The Fall Of Reverie
Image credit: Don't Nod

Harmony: The Fall Of Reverie, Don't Nod's latest effort to make your choices really properly matter, is out now, and you can get it along with the dev's other games for a bit cheaper as they celebrate their 15th birthday. The sale is offering discounts of up to 80% on Steam until June 15th (next week). It covers all the games developed or published by Don't Nod, which naturally includes the runaway teen-girl-squad hit Life Is Strange, if you are one of the eight people who haven't played it yet, I guess.

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Harmony: The Fall Of Reverie is another story-driven adventure where the stakes are saving the world, or as Don't Nod call it, Wednesday. This time you play as Polly, a young woman who returns home only to discover that she's a clairvoyant capable of connecting to a different world - the Reverie of the title.

There's a lot more to explain the nitty gritty, but it's all the sort of stuff that's harder to understand in text than it is if you learn by doing. You have to restore the balance between Reverie and Polly's own world for one thing, but you'll need to make a lot of pals to achieve it. Divine beings called Aspirations also live in Reverie. Polly must choose an Aspiration as the new heart of humanity (the heart surprisingly does not have a capital H, but it's one of like only a dozen nouns that don't).

Around that it's a near future adventure where you talk to different people and make decisions that alter the path of the story. You've all seen a Don't Nod game, right? I like it because it's in a 2D animation style that looks proper neat, which is new for Don't Nod.

If the rest of the sale tickles your fancy, meanwhile, might I offer a shout out for Vampyr? It's one of Don't Nod's less popular games, possibly because it was a foray into actual combat that went a bit, shall we say, all over the fucking place, and possibly because it wasn't about magical teens. But babes, if you're looking for an extremely Hot Topic vampire game where the world changes based on who you eat, and where you level up based on whether or not you drank blood recently, then do I have a game for you!

The sale is running on Steam until next Thursday, June 15th. Get you some moral choices why don't you?

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