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Don't Suck! Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 On PC

Sharpen your stakes and, eh, blanch your garlic? Castlevania's vampire hunting is coming back to the PC. The rebooted action adventure series did well enough on the Xbox and PS3 last year to warrant a sequel, and for some reason Konami have decided to share Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 on the PC. I'll bet Dracula has them in his thrall. That Vlad! What will he get up to next?

I've had to poke around the internet to find out if this is a good thing, and the consensus is that it is. But remember, we're dealing with Vlad Tepes, here. He's likely to have some mental sway over all the reviewers of the original game, who state that it is a huge, ramblesome combo-based action adventure game with a whip, a bit like Darksiders 2 in its ability to liberally borrow from other game. But in that you were hunting the vamps, and here you are a vamp.

[sound of thunder and lightning]

Weren't expecting that, were you? In fact you're the hero from the first time who was unmasked as Dracula post-credits, so in this game you're playing as our Lord of Darkness, the Unholiest of Holeys, the Suckmaster General, the Blight Fangtastic, Drrrrrracccccula. Apart from that nipple twist of a plot, there's not a lot known about the upcoming game. Just this spooky (almost impossibly dark to watch) cinematic. Enjoy.

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It has no release date, other then "when the moon is at its fullest, and the blood of man stains the oceans crimson". What an odd calendar.

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