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Rev Your Chainsaws: Doom Finally Adding Deathmatch


Shhh. Do you hear that? Listen carefully. Yes, it's the sound of Bethesda trying to breath life into Doom's [official site] multiplayer. At long last the game is getting a Deathmatch mode and private matches. They're coming in Free Update 3, so all of these goodies won't cost you a thing. Bethesda have teased us with a brief Deathmatch trailer:

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That's a lot of blood-spray and chainsaws, so it seems the mode hopes to stay true to its name. As for private matches, they'll give players the ability to create their own multiplayer rules. You'll be able to set match time and score limits, and toggle demons and power weapons on or off.

Bethesda are keeping mum on a release date but do say we can expect the update at the end of September. Before then, on September 13th at 7pm BST, id Software's Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin will host a livestream featuring live gameplay of all three new features on the Xbox Twitch.

Alec reviewed Doom's multiplayer back in May and thought it was decently meh. Since then, id Software have been working to both free updates and a series of paid multiplayer DLC that, so far, has added mainly new maps, mobs, and gear, while doing little to improve the overall experience, leaving id multiplayer fans a little sour. Could this new, free update be id Software's way of drawing players back to Doom multiplayer?

Beyond this, they're planning another free update adding Arcade Mode, which Bethesda briefly explain is "an upcoming competitive addition to the game's critically acclaimed campaign mode".

In case you missed out, Doom is half-price in the Humble Store sale right now (which gives a Steam key).

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