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Dota 2's Siltbreaker co-op campaign concluded

Okay then

The Dota 2 [official site] cooperative campaign Siltbreaker concluded with the launch of Act II on Friday. The campaign, which is only available to folks who buy Dota's latest Battle Pass tournament sticker album, is a bit bum but it does at least now have an easier mode. Those who want treasures and cheevies can still grind their faces against Siltbreaker's boring difficulty but girls who just wanna have fun can play in the easier 'Adventure Mode'. It still won't be good but it will be less of a chore.

So! Act II is now here, and it starts with a bang: kill thirty Frostbite Shamans. Thirty! Yup, it's more of the same 'roam around a map killing enemies who deal massive damage in a way that's not challenging, just difficult' action. And after killing those thirty enemies? You get to kill three big bears find and escort thirty penguins. Bad things come in threes and thirties. It does get more interesting and has some good-looking bosses but is all a bit of a disappointment.

Still! If you fancy a crack, you might want to try the easier option. In Adventure Mode, Valve explain, "players start and gain more lives, and enemies have less health and deal less damage. Star rewards, achievements, and Artifacts are disabled in this mode."

The patch notes also explain that nine new heroes have been added to the Siltbreaker pool, while Abaddon has been removed from it. This blog post explains changes to the Artifact system and bits too.

Siltbreaker is such an odd thing. It's not fun, interesting, funny, or original. It's a bland and mostly linear dungeon crawler, something I'd likely skip as a standalone game even if it were free. Siltbreaker is a large part of why bought this Battle Pass but if Valve release another campaign tied to a Pass, I'll pass.

If you want a peeky peek, DotaCinema went through Act 2 in Adventure Mode:

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