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Dota 2 Adds Warhammer Pretties But No Murderfrog


New community-created Warhammer Fantasy robes and wizard hats have arrived in Dota 2 [official site] to give thirteen heroes sillygrim makeovers, and I am displeased. No, I do think Disruptor riding a Squig looks awesome. Yeah, Pudge's Nurgle outfit with teeth in his guts is gnarly. No, I don't even massively object (any more than usual) to Dota's random crate way of selling 'em. What's riled me is Valve overlooking one amazing set I desperately want. I long for the submitted set turning cute faerie dragon Puck into a Tzeentchian horror bristling with tendrils, teeth, and tongues - the way my Puck must have seemed to cheery RPS fanzine PC Gamer as he devoured them.

I admit I'm posting this mostly because Pip egged me on about that sick burn.

When I read words like these from our adoring fans (and I do often, laughing),

"Everything seems to be going well, but then I get killed by a giant floating frog fairy, and again, and again, and now I'm mad. Every time I see the magic frog I run away, and I spend the next part of the match just hiding in a corner, killing creeps."

I imagine something like this:

Jeremy Klein's Horror of Tzeentch set is how I see my own Puck. It is such a shame that the rest of the world cannot truly see my Puck that way too.

Anyway! What is actually now in Dota 2 is thirteen new Warhammer-themed cosmetic outfits created for a Total Warhammer contest. Valve picked the ones they liked best - missing the actual best one - and now they're in the game. That's Alchemist, Axe, Beastmaster, Broodmother, Centaur, Disruptor, Doom, Gyrocopter, Kunkka, Necrophos, Pudge, Sniper, and Winter Wyvern all done up in Warhammer glad rags.

They're distributed in the usual irksome Dota way: £1.90 virtuacrates containing a random set, with some sets being extra-rare. Yep, random crates are still a bummer.

Valve add that people who pre-ordered Total Warhammer before May 24th "will also find a special version of this treasure in your Dota 2 Armory that contains visually-unique pre-purchase-only versions of the item sets."

There is still hope for dear sweet Puck, mind. Valve say, "The number of quality submissions could not be contained within a single treasure, and we hope to add more of these sets in the future."

Please, Valve. Do it for PC Gamer.

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