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Dota 2's Underhollow battle royale mode sounds cheesy

Camembert a go if you think yer hard enough

What do you call a Dota 2 last-man standing mode? A battle royale with cheese. No, really - today the gates opened on the MOBA giant's new Battle Pass-exclusive playmode, Underhollow. Eight teams enter a rapidly collapsing dungeon, and victory goes to either the last one left standing, or the first to sneak back out holding a legendary wheel of extra-mature cheese. It's the kind of daft cartoon antics I've come to expect from Heroes of The Storm's special Brawl modes, but don't take that as a complaint - more of this kind of thing, please.

The Underhollow mode is sadly exclusive to those who bought this season's Dota 2 Battle Pass, which will set you back £7/$10 for a level one version, or significantly more cash-moneys if you want to skip the tedium of actually having to play the game and just want all the fancy-pants cosmetic items. Alice took a longer peek at what this particular battle pass includes, and this time its' definitely going well beyond mere esports bragging rights.

Dota 2

While previous Dota 2 battle passes have been all about keeping up with the Joneses on the esports battlefield, it is interesting to see a playmode so undeniably desired (it's battle royale-ish) locked behind a paywall with no way to unlock it normally through play. In an era of free-to-play games becoming ever more generous (Path of Exile and it's seemingly endless expansions springs to mind), it will be interesting to see just how many people actually play this mode. I suspect more players than you might expect, but less than Valve might hope.

While Dota 2 is free to play via Steam, you'll need the 2018 Battle Pass in order to join in on the cheese-related antics.

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