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Dota 2's Halloween event Diretide is back after seven years

Roshan needs to feed on taffy

Dota 2's spooky seasonal event Diretide has been absent for quite a few years, a fact that the trailer for this year does not gloss over. You may have thought that the haunted forest would stay dormant forever but oh no, tricks and treats are back for 2020. This year's event brings back a taffy-collecting game mode and a whole barrel full of rewards. You'll have plenty of time to jump in because it's on now and running for nearly two months.

The seasonal game mode, also called Diretide, is a showdown between two teams to collect most taffy while avoiding Roshan in a best of five rounds match. Cutting down creeps or other players will net you some taffy to store in your Home Bucket. You'll want to avoid Roshan though, who will give you a shakedown over whatever taffy you have in your pockets when he comes across you.

Throughout the Diretide season, playing any matches—regular or spooky—will get you Diretide points to spend on rewards. You can catch the full list of rewards over on Dota 2's site. There are all sorts of goodies, from treasures, to sound effects, to shaders, oh my. There are also new Diretide chests that you can unlock with keys purchased from store.

Diretide 2020 will run until December 22nd, so you've got plenty of time to get all your candy-collecting matches in.

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