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Dota 2's Snapfire can now spit your pals at your enemies


Dota 2's latest update has given everyone's favourite lizard-riding grandma the ability to swallow her friends and spit them at her enemies. If you thought being tossed by Tiny was annoying, wait until you're in the belly of Snapfire's salamander.

Aspiring spitters will need to buy an Aghanim's Scepter, I'm afraid. You can't spit right from the bat.

Here are the specifics, as detailed in the update 7.25 path notes: "Added Scepter ability, Gobble Up. Allows you to swallow an allied creep or hero and spit it towards enemies, stunning enemies in the area for 1.5 seconds and leaving a glob on the floor dealing 100 DPS for 3 seconds. Units can stay in his belly up to 3 seconds. Impact radius 400. Cooldown 40 seconds. Cast Range 150."

Otherwise, update 7.25 seems pretty tame. One big change comes before the game properly starts, with Valve reworking All Pick mode. Rather than the previous free for all, selection now rotates through the players on each team. One player from the Radiant and one player from the Dire simultaneously select heroes. If they happen to go for the same one, whoever locked in first gets some bonus time to choose another.

Lots of other heroes have had Scepter abilities added or reworked. Valve have also twiddled with rune spawn times, changed how the gold reward for killing heroes is distributed, and tweaked most of the heroes and items in the game. Full patch notes are here.

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