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Dragon Quest Heroes Coming To PC Next Month

Dragon Quest Dynasty

The Dragon Quest series has a long history but most of that history is unwritten on PC. In my mind, it's the big JRPG series with the cute little Slimes as opposed to the big JRPG series with the giant chicken-things. And then I remember that the Slimes and the Chocobos are all under one roof at Square Enix these days.

We're long overdue more Dragon Quest on PC and the latest release is coming our way on December 3rd. It's a spin-off ARPG in the Dynasty Warriors vein, Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe [official site].

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It looks and sounds like a Saturday Morning Cartoon, right down to the cute sidekick spouting inspirational messages. I thought the family-friendliness was somewhat undone by this fella because I thought he had testicles instead of a chin. That's my eyes playing tricks though. The villain's pencil moustache is definitely real though and I respect that kind of lip furniture.

Dragon Quest Heroes was actually developed by Omega Force, the folks behind the Dynasty Warriors games. They've made several licensed spin-offs over the years, including Zelda-infused Hyrule Warriors and a couple of Fist of the North Star games with the subtitle Ken's Rage and Ken's Rage 2. That Ken - he's absolutely fuming.

The series revolves around Big Fights, in which the player character and their AI chums are heavily outnumbered. Of the PC version, Square have this to say:

"The title comes to life in beautiful high-definition graphics for PC with a host of distinctive characters and monsters designed by world-renowned artist Akira Toriyama. Both Yuji Horii, director and creator of DRAGON QUEST, and Koichi Sugiyama, the composer closely tied to the series since its first installment and creator of countless memorable musical masterpieces, are working on this full-scale action RPG."

Extras comes in the form of eleven new "gloopy Slime Weapons" and two extra maps.

It's coming to Windows via Steam on December 3rd.

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