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Dragon Space 2 Armour in Dead Age 2

When it was announced that there would be Dragon Age armour in Mass Effect 2, it may have gone crashing through the fourth wall like a confused rhinoceros, but at least the two games came from the same developer. It's bemusing to try to fathom how the two universes might cross over, but we got over it. But for Dragon Age 2 you'll be able to unlock unique armour if you also have, er, Dead Space 2. Buh-huh?

There's a trailer explaining all this below.

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Um, no, still makes no sense.

But still - there you go. Should you wish to have armour that looks a bit like the stuff in Dead Space 2 when you're playing Dragon Age, this is entirely possible.

Although I do like the idea that EA may be planning some Avengers-style ultimate game, where all their biggest franchises come together in one. Sure, they could simply go for a Stephen King-esque interwoven universe shared by all their projects, but how much more fun to have a Sims Dragon Age Bad Company Dead Space Need For Speed Fifa Spore Harry Potter Mass Effect Crysis game?

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