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Dream Engines Nomad Cities is about building then buggering off

Fly, you fool

Come fly, come fly let's fly away. There are monsters here, after all. Dream Engines Nomad Cities is an upcoming "survival city-building" game, where at a certain point you can nope out and relocate to where the grass is green and the girls are less likely to eat your face off. It's pretty, to boot. Here's an enticing announcement trailer.

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When I saw those production lines, my firsts thoughts were "oh it's Factorio but you can fly away". Guidesman Ollie (and Factorio aficionado) tells me the bads are much more chill there though, and this shares more D.N.A with They Are Billions. It takes place in a world where "society was destroyed by nightmare-born creatures", a world full of "strange science and dreams". But yeah, still with the whole flying away deal.

It's a damn good idea. I can sense the tension from here. That knowledge that you can get out of dodge when you need to, combined with the (presumable) pressure of sticking around to gather more resources that make life easier for you in the long run. How far do you want to push your luck? Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but it reminds me of the tension Tom Francis praised in 868-Hack. It sounds like you'll be betting on your own abilities, and so will only have yourself to blame when monsters start spilling over your walls.

Key to that will be the way you can't take off willy nilly. You need to "keep an eye on your city's weight and fuel supply", and bear in mind that you don't get to take to the skies with all your constructions in tow. I'm going to be hoisted on my own, resource greedy petard. I like that.

These are still early days: developers Suncrash haven't revealed a launch date, but have said they plan on spending one to two years in early access. They're going to add a story-based campaign, along with new enemies and buildings and such.

More info can be found over on the Steam page.

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