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Drop That Beat Like An Ugly Baby

Dejobaan, I hate you. I hate you because not only is the title of your latest game once again too long to fit into one of our titles and making a horrible mess of our tags (honestly, look at that disgrace below), this time it's also far funnier than any headline pun we could make about it. So I don't even bother trying.

"1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby)"

UGLY BABY! Yeah, you win, Dejobaan. This time.

This is, in fact, the new title for the game formerly known as Musorqua, which Quinns got his leatherette knickers in a twist about last month. Now, it's to be known colloquially as the more memorable Kick It! Or as the even more memorable Ugly Baby. Probably not as 1... 2... 3..., though.

Scores and falling and abstract shapes are once again the order of the day, but the brief here is that the point-collecting block-world you tumble through is procedurally generated based on whatever MP3 you feed it. Obviously the Audiosurf comparisons will be unavoidable, but to claim that no-one's allowed to make a game which plugs into your music collection because someone else already did that is pretty much up with saying "well, the first recorded instance of someone being happy was in 1317, so no-one's allowed to ever be happy again." Hence, I EMBRACE AND WELCOME UGLY BABY.

Dejobaan have kindly fired over some preview code, about which the Hivemind will doubtless have things to natter soon, but in the meantime here's what it looks like. But not what it sounds like. Because, obviously, it sounds like whatever you want it to sound like.

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If you're suitably taken with the concept, you can preorder right now and get your hands on a three-level alpha build pretty much as instantly as old grandmother internet allows. Costs $10, which is apparently 33% cheaper than it'll be at release.

Clearly, some people will want this on Steam and thus sweat big, fat worried droplets about what manner of download a pre-order gets them. By way of reply, I've stolen this dev comment from the YouTube thread: "If Valve accepts the game, and they say "hells yeah!" to our shifting over pre-orders, then we are absolutely game for that. Fingers are crossed!"

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