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Dune: Spice Wars' multiplayer update has gone live to put some rhythm in your step

People of Arrakis, spice up your social life

Sci-fi 4X strategy Dune: Spice Wars has finally brought multiplayer to the desert planet of Arrakis with its latest update. Players can now jump into the futuristic space shoes of one of the game’s factions in paired matches, or free-for-alls for four against other players or bots. Try not to get sand in your eyes while you watch the trailer below.

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Spice Wars launched into Early Access at the end of April with four factions: the vaguely heroic by default House Atreides, creepy lads House Harkonnen, the always cool Fremen, and sneaky sorts the Smugglers. The multiplayer update is the first part of developers Shiro Games’ roadmap for Spice Wars, with a new faction lined up for summer as the next addition. You can read the full patch notes for the update at the Spice Wars site here, but the highlights are substantial balance adjustments, improved AI and new regions.

Nic Reuben thought the game was a pleasant surprise in his Dune: Spice Wars Early Access review, but felt it was a bit dry because of the lack of role-playing. “I don’t think you make a cerebral, intricate 4X out of cynicism, and this very much feels like a game Shiro wanted to make, trends be damned,” he said. “They did opt for the most aesthetically boring Baron Harkonnen imaginable though, whose current incarnation I will hold against Villeneuve forever.”

Dune: Spice Wars is currently 20% off on Steam, so you can pick it up for £20/$24/€24. I still wish you could play as House Beckham.

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