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Dungeon Rats: Age Of Decadence Spin-Off Hits Next Fri


When Cobbo and Livers played The Age of Decadence, they both tried to charm, cheat, and lie their way through Iron Tower's mega-tough isometric RPG. I'm not sure I want to know what that says about them - or us. Anyway, they might have a harder time of that in Dungeon Rats [official site], an upcoming combat-focused party-based RPG set in Age of Decadence's world. Iron Tower have announced that Dungeon Rats will launch next week, on November 4th, and shared a little trailer showing turn-based action:

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Dungeon Rats will plonk players into a prison ruled by gangs, where you'll need to fight your way out. It's built upon the foundations of Age of Decadence but does expand and rework bits in its focus on combat. While AoD gave you one single character, DR will let you build a party of up to four if you'd like. Or you can go solo, if you think you're well 'ard. Here, Iron Tower lay out the fighty changes since AoD:

  • Party-based - the most frequently requested feature.
  • Flanking and other strategic bonuses. Positioning matters a lot.
  • Manual placement of your characters before a fight.
  • Charisma determines the number and quality of your party members.
  • Skill points are split between the party members: more people means fewer skills points per person and slower level ups.
  • New weapons, armor, and creatures.
  • 3 difficulty levels: Nice Guy, Tough Bastard, Murderous Psychopath

Aye, that's a big bucket of fight all right.

Dungeon Rats is coming to Steam and GOG on November 4th. The Age of Decadence had been in development for eleven years when it launched in 2015 so it's impressive that Dungeon Rats is following so soon.

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