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IsoMetro: Post-Apocalyptic Turn-Based RPG Underrail

John's just been moaning that he wants a new RPG to lose himself in for hours, and so I will provide. Well, eventually. Underrail isn't out yet - why must videogames exist before they are finished? - but if the wait for Wasteland 2 seems too torturous perhaps this could fill that turn-based, it's the end of the world and I feel fine, hole in your life.

Formerly known as 'Timelapse Vertigo', it's now settled on a name which puts me in mind of hobos sleeping underneath railway bridges. Now that would be an amazing survival RPG. This one's straight-up scifi, set in a - no surprises here - post-apocalyptic future where mankind has fled underground and holed up in old train stations. Here's what it looks like in its current alpha state:

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Being an incredibly ambitious, sprawling old game with tons of mechanics and areas, it's hard not to worry that this could be an Age of Decadence-style project that forever seems to elude release, but it's been in development for two years already and thus far I see no evidence of its more-or-less one man developer Stygsoft electing to verbally eviscerate people. There's no release date as yet A public demo is planned for the Autumn, Stygsoft told RPGWatch, and after that crowd-funding is a distinct possibility.

More details, including further piccies and a long dev blog going into the current state of play, are right here.

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