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Earth Of Oryn is a citybuilder with Banished and RimWorld influences

Being published by The Wandering Village developers

The Wandering Village is about building a town on the back of a walking colossus. It's quite lovely even in early access, and its success has apparently enabled developers Stray Fawn Studio to become a publisher.

Their first project is publishing Earth Of Oryn, a fellow citybuilder with a medieval setting which is taking inspiration from Banished, Age Of Empires and RimWorld.

Watch on YouTube

It does look pretty. The trailer shows the variety of landscapes and the different sorts of towns, castles and implements of siege warfare you might construct. As always, I'm more interested in the people than the buildings though, and Earth Of Oryn will apparently also let you tinker with the beliefs and culture of your society. It's not clear what the consequences will be but the Steam store page mentions creating your own religion and making political decisions and setting laws.

There are some more details on the Earth Of Oryn site, including a breakdown of its different mechanics, its creative mode, and plenty more gorgeous screenshots and GIFs.

Earth Of Oryn was Kickstarted late last year, meeting its target and raising €46,808. It's currently aiming to launch into Steam Early Access sometime in 2024.

Before releasing The Wandering Village, Stray Fawn Studio released Nimbatus: The Space Drone Constructor, which Nate liked a lot. They've apparently wanted to become a publisher for a while, but it's selling 200,000 copies of The Wandering Village which has given them "the extra resources needed to do so" according to co-founder Philomena Schwab.

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