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Earthfall launches its gooey assault on Earthnow

Welcome to Earth... fall

It feels like it's been a hot minute since we had a new Left 4 Deadish-type team-versus-hoard game, and Earthfall has just fallen out of the sky to fill that void. You and some buddies, or AI-controlled bots, can team up together to take down naughty aliens who just don't know their place. Earthfall looks like a great way to spend the upcoming season of... Earth autumn. See? I don't do every pun that I could do. I have slight restraint.

Earthfall is fast team-based action game set in the Pacific Northwest across 10 missions. In order to survive, players must fight through alien hordes using an elaborate arsenal of weapons, including turrets and barricades for fortifying holdouts, and 3D printers that allow you to grab new weapons when you need to switch load-outs.

As a nice touch, developers Holospark promise that all multiplayer content/additions post-release will be free.

Check out the very gooey trailer below, to see if you have what it take to lead the resistance. (What it take to lead the resistance is sticking together, no matter how sticky everything gets with goo. Because all of these monsters explode into goo.)

Cover image for YouTube video

Seriously, it's just a lot of goo. Mayhaps, too much goo, if that's even possible?

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 11.47.06 AM

And we're all getting a Dying Light vibe from this, right? Not that this anything wrong with that. I very much enjoy both.

Download Earthfall from Steam right now for £24/€28/$30. RIGHT NOW. Or whenever you feel comfortable. This is a calm and non-pushy place.

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