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Eden Starter: Mirror's-Edge-Inspired Eden Star On Kickstarter

Sexy, sexy physics

When you wish upon a star, anything your heart desires will come to you. So say the musical sages at Disney. They are wrong. So to make up for our glaring inability to will whatever dumb thing we want into existence, humanity invented Kickstarter. Eden Star, meanwhile, is something I've very much wished for - on many stars, no less - for quite some time. Its fusion of dizzying Mirror's-Edge-style runleaping and high-impact, physics-powered buildsmashing looks as slick as an oil spill atop an ice lake on a planet made of wet noodles. I would like for it to exist, and maybe, hopefully, Kickstarter will make that happen.

SMASH SMASH SMASH. I do so love combat that's essentially a long range version of what Hulk did to Loki at the end of Avengers. Also, the ability to fluidly combine building and free-running - sailing through the air in stomach-lurching. don't-look-down slow-mo and materializing a platform to break your fall - made my face do this O_O

Here's how it works:

"The core gameplay of Eden Star is simple: establish a base, expand and defend it whilst exploring the surrounding environment for the remnants of the lost colony. Upgrade your armament and deploy additional Eden Kits to expand your outpost, inviting friends to join you in attacking large alien nests for greater reward."

"During the daylight hours you will need to explore, excavate, build and upgrade your equipment. You will still encounter enemies in the daytime, though in smaller numbers, and some of the more deadly creatures will only venture out at night."

So basically, explore by day, defend by night. And then run and build like a crazy person when everything inevitably fails to go according to plan and monsters start kicking down all your cute little sandcastles.

Speaking of kicking, Eden Star's Kickstarter is kind of whopper. Developer Flix is asking for £620,000, which is no small sum for a creator without pure, unfiltered nostalgia bubbling around in our brain chemicals, happy memories fluttering like butterflies. Personally, I'm pretty excited about what Eden Star's offering, but as of writing it had barely even pushed past £10,000.

It's still got plenty of time on the clock, but Kickstarter favors those with momentum above all else. Like its own protagonist with angry aliens baring down on all sides, Eden Star needs to get moving. Here's hoping it figures something out before it gets chewed up and spat out by crowdfunding's many rigors.

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