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RPS And Chums At The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Fringe fun!

The world's largest arts festival officially started today in Edinburgh, with literally thousands of comedians, actors, artists, authors, poets, singers, dancers, and goodness knows what else across all sorts of disciplines and spin-off festivals. They claim the Scottish capital's population doubles in August for the Fringe. It's all a bit overwhelming, especially if you're staring at the vast listings brochure. Who to see? Some friends of RPS, obviously. Several of our columnists, feature writers, and pals are at the Fringe this year, so why not check out what we're up to?

Robert Florence

Our Cardboard Children columnist is here for Burnistoun Live, based on him and Iain Connell's BBC Scotland sketch show. That site makes it look sold out but who knows, maybe tickets will magically appear from somewhere. If not...

He's also here for Rab's Videogame Empty on Saturday, August 27th. He's had a few Empties in Glasgow before, and I understand they're some combination of chat show, stage show, music, larking about, and playing video games?

Cara Ellison

Cara wrote oodles of odds and ends for RPS, including her S.EXE column, before circling the globe writing Embed With Games then started making games. She's also my flatmate. Hi, Cara! (She informs me that she did not pick any of these event titles.)

On Thursday, August 25th, as part of the Book Festival she'll be part of The End of Gender. "In this event, we hear the work of authors writing about the persecution of people who challenge gender norms," says the official word. That's free, that one.

On Friday, August 26th, also in the Book Festival, she'll be teaming up with Simon Parkin (who... contributed to a Gaming Made Me panel years ago? we've had a distinct defecit of Parko) to talk about games and their books in Is Video Gaming Killing Us? I'm guessing the answer is nah, not really.

For schools and young people, on Wednesday, August 24th, as part of the Book Festival's Baillie Gifford Schools Programme is 'The Mad World of Gaming'. This is for schools, obvs, but maybe you're a teacher looking to introduce pupils to new cusses?

Hannah Nicklin

Hannah wrote the excellent A Psychogeography of Games series on RPS.

Until the 27th (with Wednesdays off) she's at Summerhall performing Equations for a Moving Body. It's a storytelling theatre piece about training for, and finishing, an 'ironman' triathlon - a 2.4-mile swim followed by a 112-mile bicycle ride then a full 26.2 mile marathon. I saw a preview and really liked it but hey, she's my pal and staying in my flat so I'll point you at a review.

Alice O'Connor

(Photo by Emi Spicer)

Oh! Hello. Cara tells me that we'll be playing some songs we like for a bit during the Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival's Closing Party on Sunday, August 28th. I'll also be dicking about with some 'visuals'? A bit of the old 'sound & vision'. We've not started on our setlist but Girls Aloud are guaranteed.

But you, reader dear, who would you recommend this month? My list of things to see only has seventy-ish items on it so far so I could certainly use a few more.

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