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EGX and MCM Comic Con are sharing a London venue this year

A word from uncle Reedpop, who hasn't sold us off just yet

The MCM Comic Con and EGX logos
Image credit: Reedpop

Stand by for a missive from RPS corporate parent ReedPop. Transmission begins! Ah, it's about gaming events. So, Reedpop's EGX expo and MCM Comic Con are joining forces. They'll both take place side-by-side in the ExCel London this year, on 25th-27th October.

EGX, of course, will feature a bunch of classic and upcoming games, while Comic Con is laser-targeted at our respected allies in the world of on-paper image-based storytelling with speech bubbles. EGX's headline partner is TikTok this year, which makes this a perfect nexus of entertainment artforms. All we need is a puppetshow now and possibly a semaphore stand, and the ritual will be complete.

You'll be able to access both MCM Comic Con and EGX using the same ticket - they go on sale 27th May. Find out more here.

I'm all in favour of shows running back-to-back, mostly for the punch-up potential when different consumer demographics meet. I'm pretty sure there was a year when Comic Con had to share a venue with London Vegfest, the UK's annual festival of all things veg. Ah, the terror in the eyes of the Game of Thrones fans when the straight edge fruitarians rocked up, combat celery in one hand, a Che Guevara statuette in the other. That was before the Avengers cosplayers flanked us through the canteen. Many lives were lost that day. So much blood. Such a waste.

If you're confused about the subheadline, a reminder that Reedpop are investigating the sale of RPS owners Gamer Network. We'll let you know when we know more.

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